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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra



Phone type Smartphone
SIM slots Dual SIM
SIM type Nano SIM
Operating system Android
Processor model Exynos 2200
technology 5G
Connectivity Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wireless charging
sensors footprint
Package contents Phone SIM key USB Type-C data cable
Color Burgundy red
size 77.9 x 8.9 x 163.3 mm
Weight 228 g
SAR (W/kg) Head 1,243 W/kg Body 1,266 W/kg
Year of appearance 2022
Protection Waterproof Dustproof


Screen size 6.8 inches
Display type Dynamic AMOLED
Resolution (pixels) 3088×1440
Display functions 120 Hz


Internal memory 128 GB
RAM memory 8 GB


Ports USB Type-C


Number of rooms 4
Main camera resolution 12 MP Ultrawide 108 MP Wide 10 MP Telephoto
Front camera resolution 40 Mpx
Flash Yes


Battery capacity 5000mAh
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Mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Dual SIM, 128GB, 8GB RAM, 5G




Camera for Nightography

A battery for the whole day 

Built-in S Pen




New look, worth noting

Meet the Galaxy S22 Ultra, equipped with the most powerful Note features. It has a slim and bold design, and the linear camera, accentuated by the mirrored lens rings, seems to float in place.




The first Galaxy S with a built-in S Pen

S Pen fits perfectly in a Galaxy S device for the first time. Pull it out from the bottom of the phone to write, sketch or control the phone. The optimized latency of Samsung Notes makes every movement of the S Pen as natural as ink on paper — and you can convert those hastily scribbled ideas into readable text.




Leave your mark in colors

Be a trendsetter and embrace the bold tones of Burgundy or Green. Or stand out with the subtlety of Phantom White or Phantom Black tones. These sophisticated and timeless colors enhance the elegant design.



Burgundy GREENE Phantom White Phantom Black
galaxy-s22-ultra_highlights_colors_burgundy_rear.jpg (484×290)
galaxy-s22-ultra_highlights_colors_green_rear.jpg (484×290)
galaxy-s22-ultra_highlights_colors_white_rear.jpg (484×290)
galaxy-s22-ultra_highlights_colors_black_rear.jpg (484×290)



An epic leap for smartphone technology

The fastest chip used on the Galaxy

The 4nm chip uses its world-class power in every aspect of the phone, resulting in epic night shots, incredibly clear day-to-night photos and an optimized mobile gaming experience that will lead you to victory.

galaxy-s22-ultra_highlights_processor_m.jpg (1024×800)



Our brightest display for sunny days

The dynamic AMOLED 2X display with Vision Booster is the main enemy of glare, reaching 1750 nits at the maximum level.4 And the adaptive refresh rate of 120 Hz keeps scrolling smooth, adjusting to what’s on the screen for an optimized view.




Battery that lasts all day and night

The optimized artificial intelligence allows an economy of 5000 mAh (typically) from one day to the next, intelligently adapting to the way you use your phone. In short: save energy when you need it most, for a battery life of over 24 hours.




Breaking news: this Galaxy phone is tough

The polished Armor Aluminum frame acts as armor, and the front and back are equipped with Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®+. And both the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the S Pen are rated IP68.

The first smartphone equipped with Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®+. The front screen and back panel are equipped with Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®+, which better withstands drops and offers strong scratch resistance.

The strongest aluminum frame. From the inner structure to the polished outer parts, every Galaxy S22 Ultra phone is supported by an extremely strong Aluminum Armor frame. It is more durable and protects like armor.

Built to withstand contact with water. The IP68 rating means that the phone and the S Pen are designed to withstand water and dust, whether you’re taking your post-cardio notes or getting caught in the rain.




Make your nights epic with Nightography


See the big picture

With extremely high pixel count sensors and shape-changing pixels, this phone features the most advanced professional camera yet, offering the power of a professional kit in one portable device. Take photos at night without sacrificing quality.





Leave the other rooms in the dark

We have redone the hardware and software of the professional camera and present to you the most brilliant innovation — Nightography. Get better quality images at night thanks to the sensor with a large number of pixels that captures more light, with minimal noise, for set lighting, and the Super Clear Glass & Lens reduces the reflection effect of the lenses for clear and bright frames.

The high-resolution 108 MP camera has a superpower: our sensor with the highest number of pixels to date. It can detect low lighting and merge its megapixels, creating blocks of nine pixels to increase the size, and the resulting 2.4μm pixels attract a lot of light. On the other hand, low-noise processing helps to eliminate graininess, to obtain a clear and detailed image in the dark.

Super Clear glass covers the rear camera, and the Wide-Angle camera is equipped with a Super Clear lens — both featuring an exclusive, ultra-low-reflection nanoparticle coating. The specially designed glass and lens help reduce lens flare when taking photos, even in the dark.




Nightography makes magic at any time

The biggest leap in our video technology yet. The automatic frame rate function detects the lighting and automatically switches to an optimal cps rate. Thanks to the 4nm processor with Super Night Solution, which removes noise from every frame, you can record from sunrise to sunset with consistent and amazing details.




Good light is now any light with Nightography

The glow of artificial intelligence brings light to dark photos with the 108 MP wide-angle camera and the 40 MP selfie camera. Super Night Solution intelligently illuminates the scene, so you can benefit from night effects to stylize your photos in Portrait mode, without losing details.




On places. Be ready. Start

The most cursive Galaxy image. The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s professional camera corrects shake at a 58% wider angle and offers fast movement sampling to detect them quickly and accurately, so that you get constant clarity in every frame.

Super HDR adjusts photos for epic details and hues — displaying 64 times more color even with complicated shadows or backlit photos.




Imagine: our sensor with the largest pixels

The 108 MP sensor allows you to capture clear images, both during the day and at night. Before you press the shutter, the adaptive Pixel switches in the background between the 108 MP high-resolution mode and the 12 MP high-sensitivity mode to get brighter and sharper photos.9 It also pairs with the enhancement function details to adjust shadows and highlights in terms of depth.

The smart camera detects the lighting in the environment. If the light diminishes, it adapts and switches from the 108 MP high-resolution mode to the 12 MP high-sensitivity mode or shoots simultaneously in both modes, combining the frames to create an extremely detailed and bright photo.

You are one touch away from improving your photo style. Enable Detail Enhancement in High Resolution mode before pressing the shutter button. It uses artificial intelligence with deep learning, enhancing photos with incredible depth and detail.




100x zoom. 100% epic

The Dual Tele Zoom system offers a powerful optical zoom, switching from 3x to 10x, the more you enlarge the image. Afterwards, the revolutionary double-folding lens and super-resolution optimized with the help of artificial intelligence continue to work, until you are 100 times closer to the action, without taking a step.




Innovation that deserves a chance (and even more)

Auto Framing: Your video stays centered and in focus, even if you move or if people move in and out of the frame.13,14 You can even touch the screen to lock a subject.

Single Take: Tap the shutter button to record up to 20 seconds of action, then wait for the Gallery to populate multiple formats — such as frames, loops, hyperlapse videos, and more — to choose from.

Selfie: You’ll need a good photo for the debut of your new film made entirely with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. You can do it yourself with the optimized Selfie camera.

Be a director with Director’s View: Use the full camera system, recording from multiple angles, as well as the selfie camera and rear cameras simultaneously. Then enjoy your movie or save the originals for the director’s cut.

AI Editing: Gallery improvements let you edit photos like a pro. Object Eraser removes unwanted objects from the photo without cropping, and the Photo Remaster function allows you to make retouches without difficulty.



The to-do list is solved as soon as you clap your hands


Rewrites the rules related to precision and productivity

The precision of the S Pen turns your notes and messages into masterpieces. Turn handwriting into text for ultra-readable outlines in Samsung Notes or add animations to videos to let your creativity run wild.16 Then take a step back (or a few steps) for wireless control with Air Actions.




Personal information, secured

Protect your private data with Samsung Knox, from the second you open the phone. Knox Vault keeps your biometric information safe, while Secure Folder secures your private data. And the new dashboard regarding the use of permissions gives you the opportunity to see which applications share your data or track you and allows you to grant or deny access, under the conditions you prefer.




Share videos quickly

Hyperfast 5G offers incredible download and upload speeds, so you can post your latest vlog and get back to streaming when the comments come in.


Even Wi-Fi is faster

Share and broadcast with a minimal gap. Wi-Fi 6E can access new 6 GHz bands for a 2 times faster and consistent connection, even in a public hotspot.


Space for masterpieces in low light

When you can capture images with clarity from day to night, the gallery fills up quickly. Keep every frame close at hand, thanks to the built-in storage space of up to 512 GB.


Unlocking adapted for you

The secret is on the screen. With a large sensor built into the display, the ultrasonic fingerprint ensures quick and secure unlocking with a touch.


Your Galaxy. In your way

Personalize your digital life and express yourself the way you like. Unleash the full potential of the Galaxy experience thanks to the familiarity of all devices.


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